Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wow! Its taken you long enough

In a era when the newest technology seems to change as much as the gas prices, how come we are so hesitant to move along with it? At least four new editions of the Ipod have come out so why I'm a still listening to what looks like a brick attached by a cord to my ears. We've had cell phones with Internet capabilities for a couple years now, so how come I'm so content with just a phone that calls and texts? For the first time last week I made myself a facebook page, facebook has been the biggest thing since slice bread for over three years now. What took me so long?. Best of all, my grandma may be the only living person in the United States that doesn't own a cell phone. What took her so long? This is the first time I have ever blogged; my twelve year old cousin has a blog. What took me so long?

We live in a technology driven world when its almost impossible to keep up with The Jones'. Technology has made our lives so much easier; the ability to do many things online instead of in person(the old fashion way).

So why do we continue lag behind when technology can make our lives so much easier and efficient?

I think the main reason we choose to stick in the back of the pack is because its so dang expensive to try and keep up. Every year when the newest Ipod, computer, cell phone, etc... comes out, you have to take out a loan if you want to be a trend setter. Most of us don't have this kind of money so would rather wait a couple of years and buy the one that was the next big thing like two years ago. That's why I would consider the majority of American citizens to be trend followers, not setters. In comparison to the majority of the rest of the world, were probably more than 10 years ahead in many things.

Another reason I think many of us are hesitant to wait in line at midnight the day before the new big gadget comes out is because we enjoy our comfort zones. There is a reason that a comfort zone is called a comfort zone. Naturally anything that may make us uncomfortable or require us to do something outside of our daily routine, we shift away from. Many times when we get something new it requires a change in lifestyle. This change in lifestyle, even though we may know it could make our life easier and for effective, we shy away from change because we enjoy our daily routine. I think many times unless we take a leap of faith into some new technology, we will never know what kind of effect it can have upon us. We can only experience so much through the third party opinions and that is why I think taking the leap of faith, even though I don't do it, can be beneficial.

Technology is something that we love to learn about and see, but don't like to experience it first hand until it has been proven to the point that there is no fear when we experience it ourselves. I think like many things in life they must be experienced on our own. However, with technology I feel that the average person needs to have several testimonies to have the courage to follow or trend. Even more courage is required to be a trend setter. That kind of courage I just don't have.

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