Thursday, September 25, 2008

My First Hair Cut of 2008

As I sit here with my clean cut, BYU approved haircut and I feel powerless. Even though I may feel like Samson, Delilah didn't cut my hair; it was the local hair school girl. How could something so ridiculous like the length of your hair, have some kind of great significance to me?

I think back to the Bible and Book of Mormon when everybody had a mop of hair on their heads. Did it signify something spiritual or religious, or was it just because there wasn't a Paul Mitchell close by? I think of the hippie movement when long hair promoted peace and was a sign of being one with nature.

On the contrary, why does BYU have an honor code against the length of persons hair? Is there something about long hair that promotes uncleanliness? Would it be possible to achieve the accomplishments that BYU has if everyone was walking around with the Peter Brady du? Does it take away from the individuality and creativity of the students?

I wish I had the answer to this question. What I do know is that I got more compliments from people about my hair than I did complaints. If BYU was to come out and say, ok the length of your hair no longer is part of the honor code. What would be next? Would it have a domino type of effect with all the other rules? or would people even choose to copy the hair style or their favorite Beatle?

In a society with so many individuals, the minority has become the conservative. Individuality is important, but not the kind of individuality that is present in the world today. We have lost the togetherness of being different. BYU has achieved a level of success because they have students that care more about what they do in the world and in school than how they look doing it. They may not dress cool changing the world, but at least their making a contribution.

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