Sunday, October 5, 2008

Its that time again

It is always nice to have a refresher course every six months, even though the messages are so similar every time. The same topics are touched on, the same people speak but every time you take something different from it.

That's why General Conference is such a fascinating experience because each time a message is given, they take a different angle at the topic. The speakers have such a diverse demographic to appeal to. From the poorest of poorest in countries like Mexico, Africa, etc.. to the most wealth off people. They must make sure their message is interesting to a primary age child to somebody that has a been a member for over 80 years like my grand parents. To complicate things even more, the message is given in English must be translated into many different languages throughout the world.

General Conference is a fascinating broadcast and is probably the largest religious broadcast of its kind. The message that is given must be carefully planned and given to appeal to all demographics. Many communication lessons can be learned from General Conference because it is an assortment of messages that are written, given orally and written again in a mass produced magazine that is distributed around the world.

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