Thursday, October 16, 2008

They Both Must Have One Leg Longer Than the Other

Last night was the third and final presidential debate. I chose to watch the first presidential debate and also the after debate thoughts on CNN and FOX because I think its very important to be involved in the choosing of a leader. I watched the second debate however not nearly as much and chose to read the after debate analysis in the Wall Street Journal cause I felt like the news is a bunch of crap when it comes to anything political. So I a little obligated to watch this third and final presidential debate, hoping that something different would happen than what was debated in the first two.

After only fifteen minutes into the debate I was so sick of hearing the same solutions to the same problems such as health care, taxes, immigration, abortion and the current economy. Yes I know that they are the most important topics and have an incredible impact upon what happens in our country but cant we do something that will stimulate our desire to be involved. It just seemed as if both McCain and Obama were walking in circles.

This past Sunday, more people watched the football team of their state then watched the second presidential election. This means that people care more about their football team on just a normal regular season game, than they care about who the next president of the United States is. This is testimony to me that one the debate is not entertaining enough and two, there is a lack of interest in either of the candidates.

A proposed solution to both problems:

What attracts people to football? Pride for their state, competiveness, a desire to win…

This attributes must be present in a good presidential debate. Something that needs to be done is install a 15 minutes free session where Obama can diss the heck out of McCain and McCain will then will get his 15 to open up a can on Obama. This would make it exciting, show more of their true colors, instead of just going back and forth like “normal” human beings. People don’t talk that way in real life, they raise their voice a little, make fun of the other and prove the other wrong by making the other feel less of man. This may not be a feasible solution but it’s a start; something needs to change to spark some interest in the election process, or a coma will get the baby boomers before they can even be the deciding vote.

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