Sunday, October 26, 2008

Not Much to Blog About

Since I have completely ran out of this weeks creative herb, I have decided to just blog about this last weeks happenings. Thursday was the Mrs. birthday and her family decided to take everybody to the Naked Fish. Unfortunately it coincided with my favorite class with my favorite professor, but luckily he let me leave class early. Nice guy, huh. The Naked Fish turned out to be really good food and the conversation was even better.

Friday I decided to do Sammi's (the Mrs.) personal birthday celebration. In times past I have done the conventional gifts; clothes, jewelry, candy, etc. However, this time because of the way the economy is and a lack of time. I thought that making dinner and a few "meaningful" gifts would be a good idea. Cooking turned out to be more time consuming than I thought so I decided that I would just buy dinner at Carrabas and then pretend that I made it. So I set up a candle light dinner, bought her favorite movie "The Wedding Planner", blew up her favorite picture of us and warmed dinner up for the big evening. By the end of the night, she couldnt stop talking about how cute it was. I dont think I have made a better decision to buy instead of cooking.

I also took a Statistics test which I absolutely hate and I got a 73%. Not bad for a kid who doesnt think with the left side of his brain. Besides these great activities that was the extent of my weekend. Life couldnt be better and I couldnt be happier to be alive.

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