Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What Dreams Are Made Of

So I am not sure if you were aware, but the 1974 Winnebago Bravo was voted the most reliable motor home by J.D. Power and associates in 2000 and 3.  I own one!  You know the one.  It looks like Evil Knievel's spaceship, if he had one of course.  The Bravo is always the one you see around town that have the protruding  nose under the front window and the prominent lines that pop out further than the window.  It really looks like a hill-billy  from Iowa built the thing in his back yard with whatever parts he could find with his left over parts from cars of the fifties.  

I have one true passion that runs deep within me.  To one day take my Bravo to the oceans front in Ensanada Mexico and open a taco man stand.  I will live near the sea and find myself a senorita and we will make tacos together forever.  Flutes will play by day and we shall dance by night!  Our children will sings songs of freedom while we dance to commemorate us finding each other as a couple.  Dreams are the seeds of legends.  And legends are made by those that dare.  I Brady Clifford dare! 

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