Monday, October 13, 2008

Food For My Ears

The world we live in is a busy place, borderline chaotic with whats happening right now. It is easy to get frustrated with the media, depressed by the economy or annoyed with the Presidential election. There is so much information we consume on a daily basis that makes it hard for us to ever escape and get away from it all.

Music for me is the antidote for me to release myself from the world. Whether it be Bob Dylan's raspy lyrics, Pink Floyd's 15 minute jam out sessions, The Beatles up beat sound or Andrew Bird's whistling; there is always a different sound for every situation or mood. That is the beauty of music as a way to escape. Whatever feeling you may have or strive to obtain, it can be achieved by listening to your favorite song or dancing to your tune of choice.

The experience that one has with their favorite music is a very personal experience. There is many times more meaning than just what lies in the lyrics and in the sound. Music has the ability to lift me up, calm me down, get me focused or loosen me up. I am just thankful for musicians and their passion to contribute to the good of society. Like a doctor, teacher or police man; I consider a musician to be a contributor to society. Music has the ability to heal, they have the capacity to teach and a way to inspire. I commend them for their dedication and the joy they have brought into my life and the lives of many others.

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