Monday, November 24, 2008

The First Annual Twister FHE

Ladies and Gentleman, Hobos and Tramps, Cross-eyed Mosquitoes and Bowl-legged Ants

Welcome to the first annual FHE Twister Competition, the game that made getting tied in knots cool again. If the purpose of this meeting is to get you all to multiply and replenish the earth then lets just get a head start on it and get everybody in weird positions really close to each other.

The game began with some hesitant players but by the end of first game people were sweaty, angry but a little excited I would say. There was quite a bit of inter gender contact which as a FHE dad that's as good as your kid getting on the honor roll.

The second game began with a newly found desire to win for those that lost but we also implemented the "any contact" goes rule. This made the game a little more spicy and a whole lot more fun.

Right hand on blue, left foot on green, right foot and purple,left hand on yellow...and so the game continued. But as they started to drop like flies I noticed that I could use my stork like legs to my advantage. While on my way to victory I spotted a stockier fellow moving my way move by move. As he approached me and came within a few dots I pretended like I didn't see him coming. Like a Venus fly trap I continued to play until I saw the opportune moment that I could snap. Then with my upper torso I gave him a good shove, knocked him down and assured myself a victory.

The sweet taste of victory engulfed my taste buds. I was a winner and it felt good.

After everybody was a little tired of the twister game we decided to continue the festivities on the twister board but by doing leg wrestles, Joe Smith "stick pull" and arm wrestling contests. I competed in the leg wrestle contest against the heavyweight division and my stork legs didn't do so hot and got thrown over. I'm not sure why girls arm wrestling each other is so entertaining but it was. And to cap the night off my fellow FHE dad decided to wrestle another girl in the group. After some good laughs and him almost getting beat, we wrapped up the evening with a treat and some good chit chat.

The first annual fhe twister competition was a success and it was the best $16 dollars the ward has spent in a long time. Amen

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