Sunday, November 16, 2008

How did you fall in love?

On a sunny day at the hospital, work had the same feeling as always. I finished my normal day to day morning work and then headed to the hospital cafe. As I walked towards the cafe I spotted a cute girl dressed in pink scrubs heading my way. I went through my complete game plan in only a matter of seconds. Give her the head nod with a smile, somehow try and stop her, exchange names, ask her on a date, kiss her on the first date and be married within the year. With my complete game plan set up we passed each other and made strong eye contact. I got nervous, my game plan broke down and time seemed to slow down as she passed me. She passed my quickly and I thought to myself,crap I should have talked to her. Another opportunity passed me to find my eternal mate, but I kept hope that I would see her again soon.

Later that night my cousin called me on the phone and asked me if I wanted to go on a double blind date. I had nothing else going on that night so I agreed. We went and picked up his date first and she wasn't anything amazing and not very cool. We then went to her friends house and waited for her in the car outside her apartment. As this very pretty girl walked down the stairs she looked strangely familiar. As she opened the car door, and sat down, I introduced myself to her. That good old fashion feeling I had felt earlier that day when time seemed to stop, I felt again. The beautiful pink scrubbed girl had a name, and she was sitting right next to me. My prayers were answered.

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