Sunday, November 9, 2008

Letter Headed to Argentina

Hey Boo Boo!

Another busy week has passed and about to begin another tomorrow which im not too stoked about but I have no other choice. I went and talked to my counsler this week and I have three semesters and an internship left till graduation. So it looks like Ill be doing next semester, do an internship this summer hopefully in san francisco with a guy that rich cook knows, then do 2 semesters after that and walk in april 2010! Its nice to be close to being done and start looking at the future. If you didnt know Cam Im not pre dental anymore but in the advertising and marketing department, lots of fun creative stuff. I left the fun dental stuff to you my mine because I felt that you would be much better than me and somebody needs to carry on the tradition, and fix my three cavities a year for the rest of my life and eventually do my dentures.

I went to a rock gym with some friends this weekend and that may be newest most favorite thing. Its a workout and its really fun, but I tore my hands up so i need to wait a little till i return. So we all bought passes at the canyons this year and we have already had a snow storm so hopefully were riding by thanksgiving this year. I talked to josh and were going to do grizzly gultch this year like you guys did. I met one of your old lady friends whose name is jen? and she is from idaho. She is a super cute girl and if she's single when you get home I think you need to date her.

Anywho...hope all is well in los labores misionales. I having been reading in the d and c and am going to include a little note from my scripture journal, hope it helps you in some way. Love you big guy and hope that everything continues to go well. Cuidate and nos vemos pronto.

aqui esta algunos pensamientos de mi diario misional:

D&C 121

V.34 “Many are called, but few are chosen”- This scripture applies really well to both missionary work and my day to day life. It tells us that those that are called but not chosen, have set their hearts much upon the things of the world, and aspire to the honors of men. As far as missionary work it applies because those investigators will usually and one point or another feel the Spirit but enjoy their addictions too much to gain a greater portion of the Spirit. And because they care more about what other people like their family might say to them then what God is telling them.

This principle can also be applied to people that are already members of the church. Sometimes we lose sight of should be most important to us like family, the gospel for things like money, sports, the media…or can even be something that’s potentially good like exercising. When we make enough time in our week to exercise three times a week but cant find time to read the scriptures three times a week then I feel that we have set our heart upon the things of the world. I am a huge culprit of this error and have told myself that I will not do the things that I enjoy like exercising, playing sports, going out, etc. until I have fulfilled my spiritual responsibilities first.

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